Miami Dolphins Foundation: Countywide Concussion Care Partnership

The Miami Dolphins Foundation makes it possible for the University of Miami and Countywide Concussion Care Program to continue providing baseline testing and concussion education to the student athletes of Miami-Dade County's 35 public high schools.

Thanks to the Dolphins Foundation and Countywide Concussion Care, approximately 15,000 MDCPS students in all sports are baseline tested with the concussion protocol each year, setting a standard for concussion safety in educational institutions.


UConcussion Clinics Reopen for In-Person Visits

COVID19 necessitated UHealth to rethink interaction with our patients. As such, we introduced virtual clinic visits earlier this year, in order to better serve the community while remaining safe and distanced. Nevertheless, there is no substitute for an in-person exam. With new protocols in place to keep patients safe, conventional in-person visits have resumed at […]

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Current Studies

Cannabinoid-based concussion treatment (2016-2021)

This five-year study will assess the effectiveness of a new cannabinoid-based pill to treat concussion injuries. Theis partnership aims to propel this research and potential treatment forward by using two classes of drugs in a combination that scientists believe will reduce brain inflammation and the immune response. Learn more at UM News.

NCAA CARE Consortium Study (2016)

This study, led by the University of Michigan, provides a prospective, multi-institution clinical research protocol whose aim will be to study the natural history of concussions among NCAA student athletes.

GE Healthcare & BrainScope: Advanced MRI Applications for mTBI Phase 2 (2015)

The GE Healthcare project is a multi-site perspective study, evaluating mTBI injuries through cognitive testing and MRIs to further understand how concussions affect the brain. BrainScope is a companion study to the GE Phase 2 project, designed to collect and share post-mTBI data with other researchers using BrainScope's EEG device.

Track TBI

In partnership with 11 other U.S. sites, the NINDS-funded Track TBI study collects and analyzes detailed clinical data on 3000 subjects across the injury spectrum, along with CT/MRI imaging, blood biospecimens, and detailed clinical outcomes.

Countywide Concussion Care

Through Ransom Everglades, Gulliver Schools, and Ransom Everglades alumni David Goldstein, the UConcussion program is able to bring ImPACT testing to youth athletes in public high schools. Learn more at Countywide Concussion Care

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